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Dental Options

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This options section provides information on how the Step-By-Step wizard works, how to integrate the software with other CAD systems and how to configure the automatic export system for the structured projects.

There are 2 sub-categories:


In the General Page there are:

Project Managment

This section allows to change the way the software handles the information

Scanner Project 
the path where the software saves all the projects created by the user
the path where the software will search for the implant libraries
Usa Numeration Type 
if this option is checked, the software will use the Universal Tooth Numbering System
Auto Save 
if this option is checked, the software will automatically save the project after every main step (Acquisition, Alignment, Mesh Generation)
Compressed Projects 
if this option is enabled, the software will compress the projet data saving up to 70% of the space on the disk. The compressed project can not be loaded by previous versions of the software
Min RI sample number 
the minimum number of points for an acquisition to be considered valid. Under the established threshold, all the acquisitions will be automatically discarded

Multi Die Parameter

The parameters in this section are specific to the Multi-Die support. It is suggested not to modify these parameters but to use the specific multi-die calibration instead.

Wizard Option

This section allows to change the workflow of the Step-By-Step wizard

Check Articulator Alignment 
if this option is checked, the software will show the result of the alignment with the articulation during the Step-By-Step Wizard
Show Parallel Mesh Generation 
if this option is checked, the software will show a function to generate the Meshes during the next scanning step and not at the specific Mesh Generation Step. This function is longer a valid option to speed up the project
Stumps Manual Cut 
if this option is checked, the software will show the user an additional Manual Cut step for every stump in the project

Wizard Auto Cut

This section allows to enable and disable the automatic cut of duplicated surface for the entire Step-By-Step wizard or only for some elements

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In this page the user can add, rename, or remove exporters profiles.


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