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Dental Service Mode

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OpticalRevEng Dental offers a Service Mode, that can be opened from the Tools Menu, to recalibrate and diagnose any issue that might occur.


Live Mode

With this tool it is possible to check the live view of the scanner's cameras.

To start this tool click on the ActionLiveCameraParams.svg button;

Check Scanner

The software checks if the scanner connection is in order every time it is activated.

With this tool ActionCheckScannerHardware.svgit is possible to run this check manually.

Recalibrate Head

To launch this tool, click on the ActionRecalibrateHead.svg button;

There are 2 types of calibration:

Fast procedure to update scanner's calibration periodically or to be performed if the scanner is moved to any other location
Full Calibration 
More complex procedure to be performed after a mechanical repair

This tool uses the Calibration Kit to carry out a new calibration of the Optical Head of the scanner. The procedure is the following:

  1. Put the calibration kit inside the scanner in the correct position
  2. Select the calibration type from the drop-down menu
  3. In the calibration dialog, select from the drop down menu the exact calibration kit name
  4. Click Start

If the calibration kit name is not available in the drop down menu, the Load New Master Xml button can be used to add a new calibration kit from the appropriate Xml description file.


The calibration procedure is automatic. Once finished, the software will show one of the following messages:

  • 'Scanner Already Calibrated' : the calibration is not necessary
  • 'Scanner Recalibrated Successfully' : the calibration has been completed
  • 'Scanner Recalibration Failed' : calibration has to be repeated

If the calibration was successful, the Axes Calibration starts automatically.

Recalibrate Axis

This tool is used to check the movement system of the scanner. The scanner will scan an object, analyze it, and use this data to calibrate the movement system.

This tool will start automatically after a Head Recalibration or can be started manually with the ActionDirectAxesCalib.svg button.

When the Dynamic Articulation Module is enabled, calibrate the axis with the specific Axis Calibration Object. From that moment on, any recalibration needs to be performed with the same object. Otherwise, axis recalibration will fail.
  1. Put the calibration object inside the scanner
  2. Click Recalibrate Axis
  3. Click Ok when prompted

The calibration procedure is automatic. Once it is finished, the software will show one of the following messages:

  • 'Axis Recalibration Successfull' : the calibration has been completed
  • 'Axis Recalibration Failed' : calibration has to be repeated

Auto Set-Up Multi-Die Parameters

This tool is used to calibrate the Multi-Die support. If the acquisitions carried out with the Multi-Die are not correctly recognized, the calibration procedure is the following:

  1. Clean the multi-die from excessive material or white powder, every single die position needs to be clearly separated from the others
  2. Put the empty multi-die support inside the scanner
  3. Start the tool with this button ActionAutoSetUpMultiDieParameters.svg
  4. Click Ok when prompted

Diagnostic Acquisition

When doubting the proper functioning of the scanner, this tool carries out a specific acquisition of the object currently inside the scanner.

The software then saves all the information in a "*.diag" file that can be sent to the OpticalRevEng Dental support to diagnose possible issues.

To start this tool click this ActionDiagnosticAcquisition.svg button.

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