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Main View

Here below is displayed an example of 3D interaction on a selected Mesh in OpticalRevEngDental.

Dental 2 5 interactor..jpg

It is possible to interact with the 3D View using the mouse and the keyboard, the context menu, the view menu and the view toolbar.

Mouse Interaction

The user can interact with the orientation of the 3D object through either the use of the mouse or more specific tools that can be selected in the View menu, the View toolbar or the Context menu.

Here below, find a list of the provided mouse/keyboard combinations:

  • Mouse middle.png + Mouse right.png or Key alt.png + Mouse right.png: pan the camera in 2D
  • Mouse middle.png: freely rotate the camera around the 3D Object
  • Key ctrl.png + Mouse middle.png: rotate the camera restricted to the Y axis of the 3D View
  • Key alt.png + Mouse middle.png: rotate the camera restricted to the X axis of the 3D View
  • Key shift.png + Mouse middle.png: rotate the camera restricted to the Z axis of the 3D View
  • Mouse middle rotating.png: change Zoom
  • Mouse right.png : enter the context menu
  • Key ctrl.png + Mouse right.png: change the position of the light source in the 3D View
  • Mouse left.png : use the current tool (E.g. Rectangular Selection, Hole Filling, etc.)
  • Key ctrl.png + Mouse left.png  : invert the current tool if available (E.g. Deselect points instead of Select points, etc.)
  • Key shift.png + Number from 1 to 7 : change the 3D View to one of the default positions (E.g. Frontal, Back, Top, etc.)

In the software options, it's possible to enable an "Alternative Interaction" mode which allows to swap the middle mouse button and the right mouse button, in order to set an interaction more similar to other CAD software.

Context Menu and View Menu

The view menu and the 3D View context menu contain some tools that can be used to interact with the 3D View.

  • Frame All (Key ctrl.png + A) : the 3D camera will move to show, on the screen, all the current selected 3D Objects
  • Rotation On View : if this option is enabled, the rotation will ignore the current selected 3D Objects; if it is disabled, the center of the rotation will be the baricenter of the selected 3D Objects
  • Area Frame Tool: this tool allows to draw with Mouse left.png a rectangle. The rectangle will become the new camera view.
  • Center View (Key ctrl.png + P)  : the currently selected 3D Objects are moved at the center of the screen without changing their Zoom
  • Standard Poses : sub-menu to apply default 3D views:
    • Front ( Key alt.png + 1)
    • Back ( Key alt.png + 2)
    • Top ( Key alt.png + 3)
    • Bottom ( Key alt.png + 4)
    • Left ( Key alt.png + 5)
    • Right ( Key alt.png + 6)

The context menu contains other tools described in the Data Editing page.

Data Information Window

In the view menu, it is possible to enable the Data Information Window with the View Data Window (Key ctrl.png + Key alt.png + I) action.

Dental 2 5 datainfowindow.jpg

This window provides some information about the current selected 3D Objects.

  • Description: a line that describes the type of the currently selected objects (E.g. Triangle Mesh: 2, Range Images: 6, etc.)
  • Points: the number of points of the currently selected objects
  • Faces: the number of faces, available only for triangle meshes
  • Selected: the number of selected points/faces of the currently selected objects
  • Size and Position: the minimum/maximum coordinates of the volume of the currently selected objects, and their size in every direction
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