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Main Interface

Here below the Main Interface of OpticalRevEng Dental is displayed.

Dental 2 5 main interface.jpg

OpticalRevEng Dental interface is composed by 4 main parts:

  • A 3D View, in the center of the screen, displays the current object.
  • A Project Tree, on the top-left corner, shows all the available project data.
  • A Main Toolbar, on the bottom-right corner, shows the main functions connected to the current object.
  • Some Support Toolbars And Menus, which can be hidden along the border of the 3D View.

Every part of the Main Interface has a link that can be checked.

Other Components

At the top of the window there is a menu bar where all the single tools are available. These tools are also available in the Support Toolbars.

At the bottom of the window there's an information bar with the Serial Number of the connected scanner, some memory information and an Option Button

Dental 2 5 wiz prev.png Homebutton.png Dental 2 5 wiz next.png