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Mesh Generation

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Mesh Generation

After acquiring and aligning the objects, convert the acquisitions into meshes.

This conversion is necessary because the acquisitions are a type of data specific to the scan software, while the mesh format allows to share information with other software.

Using the Step-By-Step Wizard, the software will automatically generate all the needed meshes after the Project Check step.

When working with a structured project outside the wizard:

  1. Select from the project tree all the objects to be converted into meshes
  2. Click on the Mesh Generation button in the Main Toolbar

The software will then convert all the selected objects using the strategy relative ton each item.

Dental 2 5 meshGeneration.gif

What to generate

Not all the acquired data needs to be converted. In a project, there are two different types of acquired data:

  • Acquisitions that only function as a position reference to align all the other elements (E.g. full arch acquisition of a sectioned jaw, articulation acquisition of a 2 jaws project, etc.)
  • Specific acquisitions that will be aligned to a reference (E.g. every die acquisition, waxup acquisition, gingiva acquisition, etc.)

Only the second category of acquisitions needs to be converted. The acquisitions that only function as a position reference are best kept unconverted in case other objects need to be scanned and aligned to the same reference.

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