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Project Creation

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When launching the software directly, if the project was not defined in another database like Exocad DentalDB, the scan project needs to be defined.

The software has a Project Manager dialog to collect all the data about the items to be scanned and to prepare a specific Step-By-Step Wizard.

The project manager will allow to select one of the available project types by clicking on the respective icon in the left bar of the dialog.

In all projects, the user has to define some General Information:

  • The patient ID (Mandatory)
  • The doctor ID (Optional)
  • A specific project name to save the project on the disk, if none is provided one will be automatically generated based on the patient ID
  • A designer name (Optional)
  • Notes (Optional)

When the project is defined, confirm it by clicking on the green icon at the bottom of the dialog. The software will create a specific Structured Project and start the Step-By-Step Wizard.

Fixed Prosthesis Project

Project Definition enabled by clicking on the Prosthesis icon.


The prosthesis section is the most complex because of the amount of elements that can be set and which require a tooth by tooth definition.

Other than the General Information section, this project shows 2 additional sections

Project Definition

In the main part of the window, an odontogram is available that allows to define the elements that have to be scanned.

By holding Key ctrl.png when clicking on a tooth, the last selected item will be copied to the selected tooth.

By holding Key shift.png when clicking on a tooth, the last set parameters will be copied to all the teeth between the last tooth and the selected one.

Tooth Information

The section in the bottom right corner allows to select the Tooth Type and some Other Options for each selected element. The Tooth Types are:

this tooth is not part of the project, it will not be acquired or can be ignored
this tooth is part of the main stone model, it can be acquired with the rest of the model
this tooth is a removable die that has to be acquired alone or on the Multi-Die support
missing tooth in between two stumps, it will be the intermediate element of a bridge
there is an implant in this position, therefore a Scan Body will be acquired
this tooth is part of an occlusal bite

Every tooth type has a specific color in the project definition scheme.

The Other Options are:

this element is mounted on an artificial gingiva that has to be acquired separately from the stone model
the anatomy of this element is part of an additional model that will be acquired separately and then aligned to the reference stone model
over this tooth position, it's possible to scan a Pre-Modelled Waxup that will be aligned to the rest of the stone model

Additional Parameters

In the general information section, there are some additional parameters:

Articulator Box

Select how the models are kept in articulation:

Matching models 
to scan the occlusion if there is no need to use the automatic positioning in Exocad's Virtual Articulator
Articulator A 
to scan the Artex Articulator and to use the same in Exocad's Virtual Articulator
Articulator S 
to scan the Sam Articulator and to use the same in Exocad's Virtual Articulator
Articulator P 
to scan the Kavo Articulator and to use the same in Exocad's Virtual Articulator

Model Type Box

Select which specific workflow to use:

Sectioned Model 
default workflow, in which every element is acquired separately and all the information gets merged at the end
Impression Scan 
if the Impression Scan Module is enabled in the license, check this option to scan an impression and not a stone model
Quadrant Model 
if the Concept Quad Scan Module is enabled, it is possible to scan all the parts of a Quadrant Trye in just one step
Unsectioned Model 
enable this option if the model to be scanned is not sectioned, the scanner will not require a separate scan for every die

Here below an example of a defined prosthesis project for a 3-elements bridge with a stone antagonist:

Project definition.jpg

Multi-Die Project

Use the Multi-Die Project to scan different dies from different patients in one single project:

Dental 2 5 projectCreation-multiDie.jpg

To set the case, click on each multi-die position and define the name of each patient in the Patient field.

Orthodontic/Scheletric/Impression Project

The Orthodontic, Scheletric and Impression Projects are straightforward and similar to one another.

Dental 2 5 projectCreation-orthodontic.jpg

These projects require the user to select the whole jaws instead of individual teeth.

When the project definition is confirmed, the software will prepare the Project Tree to acquire the data from the scanner.

Project Editing

If the project definition needs to be changed while already in use, it is possible to select the Edit Project tool in the File Menu or in the Project Toolbar (See Support Toolbars And Menus).

This tool will open again the Project Manager with the current project definition. It is possible to change the project definition and the parameters of every tooth.

When the editing is confirmed, the software will adapt the Project Tree. Editing an already scanned, or partially scanned, project can cause data loss.

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