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OpticalRevEng Dental

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OpticalRevEng Dental is the sofware to create and edit the Range Images obtained with Open Technologies' Dental Scanners.

The application has been designed to perform the following operations:

  1. 3D optical scanning: the generation of "Range Images" of the scanned object.
  2. Alignment of the range images: the group of functions that allow to integrate the scanning of different objects, or portions of objects, in order to accurately replicate their mutual position.
  3. Cleaning of the range images: tools that allow to delete the undesired scattered points that can be generated during scanning.
  4. Generation of triangle meshes: the group of procedures and algorithms that can transform the range images, acquired from the scanner, into triangle meshes that can be used with other CAD/CAM systems.
  5. Editing the meshes: tools for the elaboration of the meshes; (E.g. smoothing, hole filling, etc.)

All information is logically organized within a Project. The scanning data addition or modification always takes place inside a Project, that can be saved or loaded from the disk.

The software supports two different kinds of projects:

  • Free Projects: every element is independent from the other and the user can organise the logic of the project.
  • Structured Projects: the elements are organised according to a Job Definition, established by the user or imported from another software.

Most of the considerations in this manual are valid for both project types.

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