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Base Cut And Auto Cleaning

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Base Cut

When acquiring data from the scanner, part of the model holder will be necessarily acquired as well.
The model holder information can disturb the alignment and mesh generation, so it's important to remove it.
The software will provide a specific Wizard page with a slider. The slider changes the Base Height. Changing the slider's position, part of the acquisition will be selected.
Find an appropriate slider position that will select the model holder base and not the rest of the object.

Dental 2 5 wizCutBase.jpg

Auto Cleaning

By pressing next in the Base Cut step, the software will analize the acquisition and remove all the duplicate data already in the project, like:

  • Stumps from the Healthy and Pontics acquisition
  • Stone model from the Gingiva acquisition
  • Stone model from the Waxup Reference acquisition
  • Stone model from the Antagonist Bite acquisition

To skip this automatic cleaning, hold the Key shift.png key while clicking Dental 2 5 wiz next.png;

Before Auto Cleaning

Dental 2 5 wizHealthyAcquire.jpg

After Auto Cleaning

Dental 2 5 wizHealthyAutoCut.jpg

Dental 2 5 wiz prev.png Homebutton.png Dental 2 5 wiz next.png