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Step-By-Step Wizard

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Step-By-Step Wizard

When working in a Structured Project, OpticalRevEng Dental provides a wizard that will guide the user from the first scanner acquisition to the export of the data.

Wizard Interface

When launching the Wizard Mode, the software interface changes:

  • The Main Toolbar disappears
  • Instead of the Project Tree, there is a Wizard Steps list that will remind the user of the completed and next steps.
  • On the Top Right corner of the application, there is the Wizard itself that will guide the user and that can be handled with only 4 buttons
    1. Dental 2 5 wiz prev.png : to return to the previous wizard step
    2. Dental 2 5 wiz skip.png : to skip the current step
    3. Dental 2 5 wiz quit.png : to close the Step-By-Step Wizard and continue to work manually
    4. Dental 2 5 wiz next.png : to confirm the current step and proceed to the next one

During all the wizard steps, all the other tools will be locked. All the interactions will be handled in the Wizard Panel on the top right of the screen

Dental 2 5 wizStart.jpg

Wizard Sequence

The sequence of wizard steps depends on each specific project. It follows this logic:

  1. Acquire all the required data from the scanner
  2. After every single acquisiton:
    1. Clean the acquisition from the support holder and duplicated data
    2. Align the acquisition to the rest of the project and check the alignment if needed
  3. Check that all the information is correctly aligned
  4. Generate the needed meshes
  5. Align the implants
  6. Export to the CAD
Dental 2 5 wiz prev.png Homebutton.png Dental 2 5 wiz next.png